The Body Shop Strawberry Prime Selection Set Review 

 I have been using Body Shop products for so many years and I usually end up loving their stuff, especially the skincare range. I usually like the fruit scents that they offer but the strawberry range has got to be my most favourite one! I’m not sure if I’m just being biased because strawberry is one of my favourite fruits ever (mango and strawberries are my faves). I also own some make up products from Body Shop, which are pretty decent but I think there are a lot of better products out in the market. However, Body Shop skincare has always been part of my routine.

The photo below  is ‘The Body Shop Strawberry Prime Selection Set‘. Most of Body Shop’s boxes/gift sets can be purchased individually but they usually work out cheaper when bought together. In addition, they come in pretty boxes or pouches that I use for storage.


It retails for £28, which I think is amazing as you get five products in the box. It includes: strawberry shower gel, body butter, body polish, body mist and hand cream.

How I use it? I usually use the body polish in a circular motion to exfoliate, though I don’t use it everyday (currently using it alternatively with my other body scrubs). I like using the shower and the body butter onto my skin as they are moisturising and of course they smell so good. I use the Spritz Body Mist in different ways; I sometimes use it on the body or clothes but usually I will spray it around my room to make the whole room smells nice. I use the hand cream as normal but I also like to bring this in my bag. I transferred  some of the hand cream in a travel container which will be more convenient for me to bring anywhere.

Would I recommend it? Yes, I would recommend it mainly because the products are actually good. I personally like the smell, I love how moisturing they are and I think that they are a good amount of product sizes. If you don’t like the strawberry smell, Body Shop offers a lot of other alternative scents. I’m pretty sure you’re bound to find a scent that you will love. In addition, you can always just buy the products individual if that’s what you prefer to do rather than buying them as a whole set.

What are your favourite Body Shop products? Do you have any other alternative that you can recommend? 

Lots of love from, 


16 thoughts on “The Body Shop Strawberry Prime Selection Set Review 

  1. I love the strawberry Body Shop range – it smells divine! There’s a Strawberry sprtiz spray in Boots that smells just the same! xx


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