My Top 5 Concealers of all Time

I feel like concealer is one of the most important item to have in a makeup bag. I personally don’t just use it for under eyes and to conceal blemishes but I also use it as a primer for my eyeshadow. Sometimes, when I’m lazy or if I am restricted with what I can bring in my makeup bag I would use the concealer to clean up my eyebrows, to contour and to prime my lips.

Throughout the years, I have used so many different formulas and brands from drugstore to high end. I did love Dior Skin Nude concealer and Bobbi Brown creamy concealer for a long time. However, these five items that I’m about to mention are my ultimate faves.

Here are my top five in no particular order:

Maybelline Fit Me concealer

MAC Pro Longwear concealer

Maybelline Age Rewind concealer

MAC Select Cover Up concealer

Rimmel Match Perfection concealer

Let me first talk about the MAC ones: In regards to coverage both are fine for me depending on how I would want to use them. MAC Select Cover Up is a light to medium coverage. This is perfect when you do not have much to cover. It feels very light and not sticky when applied. On the other hand, MAC Pro Longwear offers a full coverage and will be perfect if you are going for an airbrushed make up look. Even though, the consistency is a bit thicker I find that it is still comfortable to wear and has a natural matte finish. In terms of packaging, I would choose the MAC Select Cover up tube, as you can make the most out of the product. I sometimes feel scared that the glass packaging of the MAC Pro Longwear might break. Both products can be pricey but literally a tiny amount is needed, so they should last for quite a while.

I have repurchased all these three drugstore concealers numerous times, most especially the two from Maybelline. They are my absolute favourite as of now.  Al three products offer a very natural look and goes on smooth on the skin. They are buildable and can be full coverage but for me personally I do not like layering my concealer that much. I hate the thick heavy feeling and from personal experience they tend to crease more and settle into fine lines when layered. The amazing thing is they all retail for a very affordable price. I think these are such a bargain for the work that it does! I would highly recommend them.


What are your top concealer choices?

Please let me know by commenting down below.

Lots of love from,



25 thoughts on “My Top 5 Concealers of all Time

  1. yess, i love the fit me, pro long wear, and age rewind! idk if u have tried shape tape yet but if you havent you must its my new fave!
    i have found the fit me and age rewind to be one of my faves too, i tried the nars one and did not like it as much as those ones!

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    • Is that the tarte one right? I’ve heard about it but I actually never got to try it! How I wish tarte is readily available here in the UK. I believe we can order them from certain website but it’s not as readily available as other brands.

      Yessss, love the age rewind and fit me. Until now, I still use both of them quite often.
      Is your blog fairly new? How are you finding it so far? xxx

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      • yeah its the tarte one! aww yeah ive heard so many things about tarte not being in the UK, that really sucks! hopefully one day, its one of my favorite brands!

        yes, its fairly new. i honestly love blogging and seeing other peoples work and all this love im getting! thank you for asking! 🙂 ❤


  2. I love the maybelline fit me! But my all time favourite is the Nars radiant creamy concealer! Obsessed with it. Would you mind check out my page? I’d mean the world to me. Maybe we can follow each other if you want? Love, Mimi


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